Stoke’s Must- Try Student Friendly Food!

As a graduate student from Staffordshire University, I have complied a list of must-go cafes and restaurants that are perfect for making the most of your 3-hour breaks and the perfect place to meet up with your new course mates! (All on a budget, of course).

1. The Quarter: Fan of Mexican? The Quarter is a magical blend of a quirky hotspot, hearty portions and great tasting food. They have 2 venues in Stoke, one opening this September Just a 7-minute walk from Staffordshire University! The other is based in Hanley, a great spot for pre-drinks. The pièce de résistance? A HOT CHOCOLATE menu that goes above and beyond, the perfect winter treat.

2. Capello’s Lounge: Another cosy eatery with unique décor and menu! Plenty on offer for all dietary requirements, including Gluten Free. Just a 10 minute drive from Staffordshire university it’s a student haven in the day and the perfect spot for cocktails pre- Student Night in Newcastle Under-Lyme. 

3. Stoke Grill: It wouldn’t be a true list if it didn’t contain at least one takeaway… I’ll admit I went above and beyond to find the best takeaway Stoke has to offer and I’ve settled on Stoke Grill purely for their Cheesy Chip efforts. Just around the corner from Carlton Suites and less than a 10-minute walk from Staffordshire University I can’t recommend a better motivator for an all-nighter either in Thompson Library or, better, The LRV.

4. Tiffin & Chai Indian Street Food: Why stick it out in chains? Go local with this little gem in the Stoke indoor Market! Not only is the food beautifully handmade and prepared fresh but the prices are great to match! Perfect for the days when your student loaning is wearing thin, but your appetite defiantly isn’t. Just a 5-minute walk from our student accommodation, Carlton Suites!

5. Klay PizzeriaIf you’re into pizza, you’ll be into Klay. It’s just simply good, fresh stone-baked pizza at an easy price. Their selection of toppings will keep everyone happy and its location is perfect for a trip to the centre!

These are only a handful of the offerings in Stoke but the ones I made the most of throughout my time at Uni. If these are up your street check out some of these other great places to go, some of them are slightly more expensive but still worth it: Sangam’s, The Rabbit Hole, The Slamwhich Club, Bloom Cocktail Bar & NORTH. 

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